November Songs - Rock aus Berlin

November Rocksongs

You can save your files You can save your pics
You can save your past you will save some tits
You can save your blood You can save your heart
despair will always look so smart

You can dance the day you will wake the night
Powerhouse ramps down but you saved the light
You will save your face you will ice your smile
You will overlive all fights for a while

You can save your father you can save your mom
You can save your daughter you can save a son
You can save your worksheets and all addresses
You save a feeling more or less

You can save your colors you can save your drafts
You can save fonttypes and videos to laugh
You will save the weather you will save the sun
Only moon knows what must be done.

But tell me how to save a life
Tell me how to save my life
But tell me how to save a life
Somebody knows to save my life?

© Gregor Eckle
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